Frameless Glass Partitions

The epitome of contemporary partitioning, Single, Narrow and Double Glazed frameless partitioning brings sensational style and light to the division of any office space, often enhanced by dramatic glass decoration or manifestations.

Providing an environment for both communicative and inspired work, its simplistic method of installation, relocatability and powerful acoustic properties make it such a practical option too.

The Single, Narrow and Double Glazed frameless systems use the latest crystal-clear glass to glass dry joints which require no silicone.

Our systems come with minimal framework, or can include ghost posts, deflection heads, glass doors and matching door frames.

All of our systems can be installed to the underside of a suspended or MF Ceiling , drylined opening which means that the system is totally relocatable should future needs dictate.

Narrow and Double Glazed systems also allow for the use of integral blinds operated by mullion control dial turns or remote control transmitters.

All of our frameless glazed systems offer enhanced structural, fire and acoustic performance whilst maintaining its ability to be demountable and relocatable.

We can provide glazed partition providing up to 60 minutes fire resistance for both integrity and insulation together with a sound reduction of up to 50db (Rw).

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