JWL Interiors are Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly


At JWL Interiors we realise the importance of working to achieve a minimum of disruption to the natural environment we all share. JWL Interiors do this by following these rules listed below:

  • Use timber that is sourced only from managed and sustainable yields
  • Separate metal site waste and collect it for recycling
  • Ensure all company vehicles are kept in efficient working order
  • Minimise energy loss and encourage efficiency within our own premises
  • Minimise office waste and recycle as much as possible

Environmental Policy

JWL Interiors are a construction company specialising in the supply and installation of materials necessary to complete the interiors of new and refurbished buildings. The company recognises that in completing this work, we have a social and environmental impact; therefore we intend to operate in a socially responsible way

JWL Interiors are committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation to prevent or minimise pollution. We are also dedicated to continually improving our environmental performance by eliminating or reducing our impact on the environment.

This will be achieved by:-

  • Actively working to achieve BS 8555 - Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Certification
  • Providing resources and a management structure to identify and manage all environmental issues relevant to our work

Managing our waste - producing activities in such a way as to minimise wastage, recycle the material where possible and where recycling is not possible, dispose of other materials responsibly (particularly gypsum based products, which are recycled whenever possible)

Monitoring the use of energy and comply with the energy saving plans of our partners, clients and colleagues

Minimising single occupancy for all transportation wherever possible and ensure all company vehicles are kept in efficient working order

Purchasing timber from reputable timber importers and merchants who can demonstrate genuine sustainability and have established a long-term commitment to countries exporting the timber from managed stock

We will communicate the company policies to all our stakeholders and implement the agreed procedures and measures throughout all our work locations whenever possible

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